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Understanding – strategically – how to bring o2o(TM) (Online-to-Offline) together is one of the most important functions of today’s business or organization executive. Without a blended program, companies and not-for-profit organizations will miss out on opportunities. Your constituents and customers are demanding o2o.
Portfolio media group specializes in a number of For-Profit programs including: business development, sales and sponsorships, audience recruitment, conference programming, production and operations, budget creation, video interviews, and custom media/webTV show creation.
In the Non-Profit world, we help with fundraising, association-related training, recruitment, and retention, along with video interviews and custom video programming to support association promotional efforts.

Case Studies

  • Video Show Daily – 2012 BIO International Convention

    Portfolio Media Group teamed up with the PR team at the BIO International Convention in Boston to create a video show daily – a newsletter packed with video interviews and emailed to over 105,000 global subscribers to the Bio.org association. Four issues of the video show daily were created, each including a 30-to-45 minute BIO Daily Show combining interviews and sponsor content.

    Example Dailies

    The BIO International Convention video show daily project expanded quickly to include development of sales and marketing footage with testimonials, b-roll and interviews with customers from around the world, along with Portfolio Media Group serving as a feeder network of interviews to NECN, Comcast’s New England Cable News channel, for their daily business reports about the largest convention in Boston in 2012.

    Also part of the project was developing a live-feed to the convention’s global website with dozens of interviews being posted throughout the week. http://convention.bio.org/

    This project allowed us to help BIO leverage their offline printed show daily, available only onsite to attendees, and extend the reach of the excellent content, thought leadership and notable attendees with over 105,000 online subscribers and readers globally who follow BIO International Convention.

  • Video Show Daily and Association Development – Red Diamond Congress

    The recent merger between the Exhibitor Appointed Contractors Association and the Trade Show Exhibitors Association brought about an opportunity to craft a new organization to serve the events industry. The outcome: Exhibit & Event Marketers Association. Portfolio Media Group worked closely with the executive team and was onsite in Chicago at their annual meeting, the Red Diamond Congress to conduct thought leader interviews and create a video show daily newsletter for members and the industry globally.

    Example Dailies

    Portfolio Media Group’s program helped bring the offline – in-person event at Chicago and all of the attendee interaction there to life for the extended E2MA community online. As with many association events, only a percentage of membership actually attend the annual convention and this program helped bring the annual Red Diamond Congress to the extended membership while RDC was still underway.

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