Face-to-face events have been around for hundreds of years. With the advent of the Internet in the 1990s, “events” have come to take on new meanings, and with that “communities” – the constituencies served by these events – have become vitally important.

Understanding – strategically – how to bring o2o(TM) (Online-to-Offline) together is one of the most important functions of today’s business or organization executive. Without a blended program, companies and not-for-profit organizations will miss out on opportunities. Your constituents and customers are demanding o2o.

Portfolio Media Group is here to counsel and guide these executives, and help profitably navigate the challenges blending o2o brings. Our clients benefit from personalized service, expert advice, hands-on attention and commitment to client success like never before. We begin with a strategic review of your assets in online and offline, then construct the framework for the integration and successful bridging campaign. Portfolio Media Group’s Principals and Associates have the experience to bring your programs together, and drive revenue quickly.

o2o is where all events are headed. Develop the programs now, and win. Miss this window of opportunity and you’ll be trying to regain your event’s footing at some point in the future.

Understanding o2o is the most important corporate goal in 2012. Don’t delay the implementation.

++ Our Strategy: Pathways to Profit(TM)

Community is Capital: New Media and Revenue Models ‘Online to Offline’

One needs to look no further than the market value of LinkedIn and Facebook to understand the power of communities to help people connect, engage, learn and ultimately do business, in ways never imagined by the most enlightened marketers just a few short years ago. We call this emerging phenomenon “Community Commerce.”

Organizations that recognize and embrace the value in their membership and understand that they add value by deepening relationships with content and conversation, will be the real winners in the new economy.

Revenue streams are shifting from clicks and content to relationship building tools that help people connect around their careers and their passions, around just-in-time learning and e-commerce. By rethinking old models and helping people access and share valuable content, organizations and publishers can build communities that turn members, subscribers, consumers and businesses into engaged and active collaborators.

The brainchild of Jason Chudnofsky, former CEO of Softbank Comdex, Ziff Davis Events and President of Key3Media, Portfolio Media Group provides counsel, strategy and proven management practices to uncover business and marketing opportunities that deliver greater profitability for organizations. By combining the latest social and event technologies with database marketing innovation, training and measurement, content development and delivery, Portfolio Media Group can help you deliver greater value to your community and more revenue to your bottom line.

++ Media Innovation: The Pathway to Profit(sm) Roadmap

Our approach is simple: we start with an innovation workshop to uncover hidden assets ‘online to offline’ and connect them with new technology and proven marketing innovation practices to deliver a Pathway to Profit for your organization. This roadmap includes the necessary strategies, tactics, investments and projected returns to help you capitalize on opportunities you didn’t know you had. All delivered in a plan that your team can execute right away or you can work with Portfolio Media Group team to get the results you seek.

For more information, please contact jchudnofsky@portfoliomediagroup.com.